avril 17, 2018

This interview is with Haskel Kernval (Autarkeon) - I'm Strawberry Metal doing the interview:

1-Who is your band? , What is your name, What do you do in the band?

1- Autarkeon ,Haskel Kernval. I am guitarist, bassist, vocalist, author, composer in Autarkeon .(Death Metal old school.

2-What year did your band get together, Are they all original members?

2- First, I was a singer in several garage bands (late 80's, early 90's). I started learning to play guitar in the early 90's. The circumstances were that, from 1993, I no longer had band to play with. I decided to found my first solo project: Zero, 0. Zero, 0 was also a duo and a trio, by periods. In 2011, I founded Autarkeon. Autarkeon has always been a "one man band" from the beginning. Only one person works with me, does the mixing of the songs and the editing of the videos.

3-What do you like personally about being in your band?

3- I do what I do best, what I like doing the most. I am independent (especially since I play alone). I do things the way I want, when I want. I like playing for myself, of course but I also like sharing what I do. And my greatest joy, my greatest pride is when people tell me they felt emotions, energy listening Autarkeon.

4-Who was your greatest influence growing up, That has gotten you into music!

4-Many artists have awakened me for music. When I was a kid, the radio was on all day at home. When I was a teenager, I liked Rock, Punk and other things. I had a great passion for Queen in their day: We Will Rock You, etc...I loved Kiss too. Then I found my "way" with New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. It was a "revelation".

5-What's the funniest, or most bizarre thing that's happened in a show?

5- I have an anecdote as a spectator. It was at a show of Immortal, in Paris. The crowd was so dense, so compact, that for a whole moment I was standing, leaning to one side, without risk of falling. I couldn't move. I was in some kind of straitjacket.I was caught in the crowd movements, like waves. It was incredible. The atmosphere was incredible

6-Would you play shows in all parts of the world if it was paid for?

6-If I wanted to play shows, I would like to play wherever possible, of course.

7-Is there anything you would want to ask people on my group page?

7-I'd like to ask people to visit Autarkeon's FB page, watch the videos on Youtube, take some time to discover (for information, a new site is being prepared). Every person who supports is important. Especially for an underground band.

8-Where are you from originally, Did you move your band to make it more successful?

8-I'm in France. In a region called: Région Centre. I've always been in this area. I only moved in 2003.

9-What does your band name mean or Where did derive from?

9- Autarkeon is a name created. In this word, there is "autar" of "autarcie" in adequacy with the way Autarkeon evolves, my self-taught way of doing things

10-Where did you start doing shows? What have you achieved being in a band, What are your future plans?

10- I played very little shows. It's a question of circumstances. My projects are: finish the 3rd Autarkeon album. Make new videos. Spread Autarkeon's name, music as much as possible

11-How did you know each other, Who is the composer, How do you come up with songs?

11-Sometimes I get riff ideas. Sometimes it's playing, improvising. It's the usual process, for all composers, I think.

I hope I have provided some informative answers. And I thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself Ty! Strawberry Metal. Greetings ? ?

Thank you for this interview : Strawberry Metal

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